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Affordable Dental Treatments at Western Dental Tubbercurry and Swinford

Western Dental provide expert dental care to Counties Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon. Dr. Rory Fleming and his expert teams specialize in affordable yet high quality dentistry treatments: Hygienist dental checkup, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental bridges, Emax dental crown, coloured tooth fillings and all your dental needs.

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Gum Health Treatments

A healthy fresh mouth starts with healthy gums. Our hygienists will check where your plaque is tending to form. They’ll also check to see if there are any areas where your gums are beginning to detach from the teeth, forming a gum pocket. Remember that more adult teeth are extracted because of gum disease, than because of decay. To check your gums book your appointment with Western Dental.

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Denture Stabilisation

Dentures stabilisation is a process that is required when wearing dentures has caused your gum and bone tissue to shrink in size. Over time, as the bone and gum tissue shrink, the dentures can become loose and you may experience problems with speaking and eating, as well as a degree of pain and discomfort caused by wearing poorly fitting dentures. Fix your dentures improve your ability to eat and speak, as well as ensuring you have a great looking, healthy smile.

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Dental Implants

The most effective way of providing stabilisation for your dentures when this occurs, is to support them by dental implants which are titanium rods that are embedded into your gum.  They become incorporated into your jaw bone which can then have crowns and/or bridges attached to them to replace missing teeth. Here at Western Dental we use the 3i implant system. Further information on how 3i implants can be used to replace missing teeth and to stabilise your dentures are in this document.

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Dental Bridges

A bridge is made up of two crowns one on each tooth on either side of the gap — these two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth — and a false tooth/teeth in between. These false teeth are called pontics and can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by either natural teeth or dental implants. Here at Western Dental we recommend Resin-Bonded Bridges as an alternative option to replacing a missing tooth.

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Tooth Coloured Fillings

As teeth decay or become damaged, the most cost effective way of treating the tooth and protecting it from further decay is to have it filled. Thankfully there are now alternative options to the silver fillings which are more natural looking and can blend with the natural colour of your own teeth.  Due to advancements in the dental sector there are now exciting newer tooth coloured materials that can be used for small to medium cavities on back teeth.

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Emax Dental Crowns

It is a glass ceramic crown made from lithium disilicate which is a top grade material that has been crafted for its durable and opaque qualities that is tough, long lasting but yet provide a highly attractive appearance that complement the rest of your teeth. Emax Crowns are regarded as an innovated product in dental crown technology and are the preferred option for damaged, stained or poor quality teeth here at Western Dental for both surgeries located in Swinford, Co Mayo and Tubbercurry, Co Sligo.

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Hygienist Dental Checkup sligo ballina tubbercurry

Hygienist Dental Checkup

During your appointment at Western Dental, our Dental Hygienist will be able to determine the difficult to clean areas of your mouth.  They will suggest to you how best to clean these areas to ensure a healthy mouth going forward.  The Hygienist will gently remove plaque, tartar and staining above and below your gums if required.  Once removed, your teeth will be cleaned and polished with mouth-freshening pastes and special air polishing systems

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Teeth Whitening

At Western Dental we offer a “take-home” Teeth Whitening system. This teeth whitening system is gentler, longer-lasting and considerably less expensive than an in-office solution.  We make custom-fitted trays to accurately fit your mouth when using the teeth whitening bleach.  It is important that when using a teeth whitening product that you have your dentist make a very precise fitting tray.  A properly fitted mouth tray will prevent the bleaching gel from making contact with your gums which can cause irritation, or irritate your stomach due to you swallowing the bleach at night.

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Dental Price Guide 2016 – Private Treatments at Western Dental

As a guide, the costs of some common private treatments are given below. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised of any proposed changes during a course of treatment. The treatments marked with an asterisk(*) qualify for tax relief.

Examination  (including x-rays)€40
Dental Hygiene

Hygienist: tooth cleaning and polishing

Advanced Gum Treatment – per visit


€ 60

€ 80 to €100



Large (OPG)




Teeth Whitening€250
Restorations (Fillings)

White (composite resin) Filling

Front Tooth

Back Tooth

Silver (amalgam) Filling



€ 80 to € 120

€ 110 to € 130

€ 70 to € 110


Routine Extraction

Surgical Extraction


€80 – €100

€100 – €150


Acrylic-based (plastic) Denture

Metal-Based (chrome) Denture


€350 to €500

€850 – €950

Root Canal Treatment *(dependent on tooth type)€ 350 to €500

Core/ Post Preparation

Crown On Front Tooth E.max

Crown on Back Tooth E.max

Gold Crown

Zirconium Crown

Implant Crown



€ 650 to € 750




€950 – €1100


Maryland Bridge

Fixed bridge per unit




Payment is accepted via cash and all major credit/debit cards

State Support

Despite recent cutbacks current entitlements are as follows:


Patients who have built up PRSI entitlements are covered for one checkup per year.

Medical Card Holders

Patients with a medical card are covered for one checkup per year and two fillings per calendar year. Additionally they are covered for extractions as required. Prior approval is required for full and partial dentures or root canal treatments on front teeth.

Mayo 14-16 yr old scheme

There is currently a scheme operated for 14-16 year old children in Mayo which covers up to four fillings as well as extractions and cleaning as required. To be covered by this scheme prior approval needs to be got from the County Clinic in Castlebar, tel 094 904 2250