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Emax Dental Crowns from Western Dental

Emax Crowns are regarded as an innovated product in dental crown technology and are the preferred option for damaged, stained or poor quality teeth here at Western Dental for both surgeries located in Swinford, Co Mayo and Tubbercurry, Co Sligo.

It is a glass ceramic crown made from lithium disilicate which is a top grade material that has been crafted for its durable and opaque qualities that is tough, long lasting but yet provide a highly attractive appearance that complement the rest of your teeth.

The advantages of the Emax Crown

  • Emax crowns are metal-free, look great and are also very strong.
  • They can be used on front and back teeth.
  • These crowns can be bonded to your tooth for extra strength and hold.
  • Emax crowns require less drilling of your tooth compared to metal base crowns.
  • Old crowns can be replaced with more natural-looking Emax crown.
  • Over ten years of scientific evidence of success for Emax crowns.
  • Western Dental offers a five year guarantee on Emax crowns provided you attend regularly to have your mouth checked and maintained.

How the Emax Crown is fitted?

In most cases only a small amount of preparation to a tooth is required to fit a Emax crown.  For most cases all that is required is that the tooth is cleaned and reshaped using a small drill to improve the overall shape before the crown is fitted.  However, the heavier the tooth is stained the greater the amount of tooth will be removed.

An impression of your tooth is taken, which is used by a dental lab as a cast to fabricate your Emax crown.  Here at Western Dental we will fit a temporary crown which you will wear for 2 to 3 weeks until your new crown is ready.

The new crown when fitted will be colour checked against a shade chart with the aim that the crown with match and fit your existing tooth.  A final clean and polish and you are done.

For more information on this major breakthrough material in cosmetic dentistry visit http://www.ivoclarvivadent.us

Take the time to contact Western Dental at one of our surgeries based in Swinford or Tubbercurry where our Dentists would be happy to discuss the Emax crown.  With patients from as far as Ballina, Castlebar and Sligo having chosen the Emax crown as their preferred choice we can’t recommend this highly enough.