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Opalescence Teeth Whitening in Swinford, Tubbercurry, Ballina and Sligo

For snow White Teeth and a Celebrity smile book your appointment at Western Dental.

Of all the teeth whitening products we have tried over the years, the Opalescence teeth whitening is by far the most effective.  With 99% patient satisfaction rate Western Dental team is happy with this product and the results it offers to those of you looking for whiter teeth.

How Teeth Whitening works.

At Western Dental we offer a “take-home” Teeth Whitening system. This teeth whitening system is gentler, longer-lasting and considerably less expensive than an in-office solution.  We make custom-fitted trays to accurately fit your mouth when using the teeth whitening bleach.  It is important that when using a teeth whitening product that you have your dentist make a very precise fitting tray.  A properly fitted mouth tray will prevent the bleaching gel from making contact with your gums which can cause irritation, or irritate your stomach due to you swallowing the bleach at night.

At Western Dental we advise all our clients to BEWARE of trays that can be bought online as they are very poor fitting and will cause more damage to your gums and stomach due to seepage of bleach.

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What to expect when you use a bleaching gel

The teeth whitening trays are worn overnight or for a few hours each evening, with treatment normally taking between 4-6 weeks.

How soon before you see a difference?

A major advantage of a take-home system is that you retain the trays for top ups in the years following treatment, therefore in the long run is much more cost effective.  All you need to do is purchase an individual bleach syringe to maintain your sparkling new smile.

At Western Dental we work with leading American and Australian suppliers of quality CE-marked bleaching materials such as Opalesence and POLA.

For more information about Opalesence and POLA please use links below

If you would like to find out more about this teeth whitening product please contact us at either of our surgeries in Swinford, Co Mayo or Tubbercurry, Co Sligo.  With many satisfied patients from Ballina, Castlebar to Sligo we at Western Dental can’t talk highly enough about this product.